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Online Risk Management Degree Programs

Earn a Risk Management degree online from an accredited distance learning school

Risk managers attempt to control financial risk by using hedging and other techniques to limit a company's fiscal exposure to currency or commodity price changes. They minimize risks and losses that may occur as a result of financial transactions and business operations. Risk managers are also responsible for calculating and limiting potential operations risks like damage done by a rogue employee or a natural disaster damaging a vital office building or factory.

An Online Bachelor's Degree may help potential jobseekers fulfill the education requirements for many jobs in business, including risk management positions. Graduates who have earned a 4-year degree often qualify for more advanced roles when seeking employment than those without such a degree. Of course, individuals seeking higher paying jobs in risk management may consider extending their academic career through enrollment in anOnline MBA program with a focus on Risk Management or Conflict Resolution.

Top Online Degrees in Business Administration with a focus on Risk Management typically include study of topics like:

  • Life, Health and Annuity Insurance
  • Property & Liability Insurance
  • Derivatives
  • Quantitative Financial Analysis of Risk
  • Value-Driven Enterprise
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Strategic Portfolio Decisions

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Advance your career with the right degree.

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