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Online International Business Degree Programs

Earn a International Business degree online from an accredited distance learning school

As technology continues to advance, especially in areas like communications and transportation, more and more companies are recognizing the need to compete in today's global marketplace. In international business, there is a need for experienced managers that know how differing political and cultural issues and business etiquette affect various areas of global commerce. As companies of all sizes look beyond our borders for increased opportunities, it's a great time to consider earning an online degree in international business.

The time required to earn a business degree depends on the level of degree being pursued, and the pace of the student. Online degree programs offer the added benefit of allowing students to study at their own pace, which may result in online students finishing a degree faster than if pursued at a campus school. Four-year bachelor's degree programs are a frequent choice for potential students looking to study current global issues and best-practices in international business. For those interested in pursuing a graduate level degree, MBA programs are available, along with other online master's degree programs in international business. Some students may choose to extend their earning potential even further with a doctoral degree in international business or global operations.

Students enrolled in International Business programs have the opportunity to learn fundamental principles of business as well as more specialized topics like:

  • International Business Law
  • Business in the Global Political Environment
  • International Financial Markets
  • Human Rights and Globalization
  • Emerging Economies
  • Multinational Marketing

An online degree in international business can offer graduates with a variety of career options. Qualified individuals may seek employment in private enterprise, non-profit organizations, as well as government jobs in the public sector. Those holding an online degree from an accredited college or university, especially those with post graduate degrees have the greatest chance of being noticed in today's international business jobs market. Furthermore, skills such as being fluent in another language or previous travel experience are also favorable with prospective employers.

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