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Online Home Inspection Degree Programs

Earn a Home Inspection degree online from an accredited distance learning school

Home inspections are now a standard prerequisite for most real estate transactions. As a result, mechanically inclined individuals with an aptitude for analytical thinking may want to consider a career as a professional inspector. Trained individuals have the opportunity to land jobs working for local governments, primarily municipal or county building departments, as well as architectural and engineering services firms and some even own their own business.

Get certified online to become a professional home inspector. An online certificate or diploma course in home inspection can provide you with know-how to work in this rewarding and flexible career. Online coursework typically includes both interior and exterior home construction topics like:

  • landscaping and grading
  • foundations, walls, and roofs
  • chimneys
  • driveways and other paved areas
  • lot improvements
  • windows and doors
  • garages
  • wood-destroying insects
  • attics and basements
  • finish and trim work
  • insulation
  • leakage
  • heating and air conditioning
  • plumbing and electrical

Many states require home inspectors to pass a licensing exam to become certified. Check with your state's licensing agency before enrolling in a degree program to find out the specific requirements in your area.

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Advance your career with the right degree.

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