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Online Gunsmith Degree Programs

Earn a Gunsmith degree online from an accredited distance learning school

Recently, interest is growing in the work of skilled and creative gunsmiths thanks in part to popular TV shows like Discovery's Sons of Guns and American Guns. Gunsmiths are highly trained professionals that know the proper way to repair, modify, design, and build firearms safely. Qualified gunsmiths may find work in factories and firearms manufacturing, armories or law-enforcement agencies, sporting goods stores, and small gunsmith shops. Experienced gunsmiths that also possess strong business skills may even decide to open their own gun shop.

Individuals pursuing a career as a gunsmith should possess mechanical, metalworking, and woodworking skills. Not only that, but those looking to create and modify custom firearms must also be skilled artisans. Knowledge of shop mathematics, ballistics, and chemistry are also preferable as gunsmiths must be capable of working accurately and precisely.

Though gunsmiths continue to develop and expand their skills through years of experience, enrolling in an online certificate or diploma program with an accredited trade school or community college can help you get the necessary training needed to land your dream job in the gunsmithing industry.

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