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Online Emergency/Fire Management Degree Programs

Earn a Emergency/Fire Management degree online from an accredited distance learning school

The world today can be a turbulent place. Critical incidents like flash flooding, hurricanes, tornados and fires, as well as hazardous materials accidents, resource shortages, civil disorders and terrorist threats require qualified professionals to respond and stabilize the situation. Corporations, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and all levels of government can be threatened by emergency and disaster situations both natural and man-made. Proper training of emergency responders make responding to the crisis as routine as possible, increasing the probability of a professional and peaceful resolution.

Top online degree programs offer training for those looking to pursue a career in Emergency/Fire Management. Typical online programs include coursework covering topics like:

  • Disaster preparation and crisis management
  • Emergency response
  • Hazardous material detection and disposal
  • Private security practices and technology
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Public health incident management
  • Communications and technology security
  • Terrorism risk assessment and response

Online college degree programs have helped thousands reach their goals and achieve success through distance learning. Request information from one of the top public safety programs below and prepare yourself for a rewarding career in emergency or fire management.

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