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Online Advertising Degree Programs

Earn a Advertising degree online from an accredited distance learning school

Advancements in technology and social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, continue to introduce us to new innovative advertising outlets. The continued growth of the Internet has given birth to a multitude of online marketing opportunities. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads that appear on search engine results pages, banner ads, text ads, interactive media, social networking, online classifieds, advertising networks and e-mail marketing. Those working in the ad industry are presented with a greater variety of marketing channels than ever before, including:

  • Television Ads
  • Infomercials
  • Radio Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Marketing

Due to the competitive nature of the advertising industry, potential candidates will need to possess comprehensive skills and creativity to secure these highly coveted jobs. Computer skills are also necessary, as is the ability to work in an Internet environment, as more and more advertising, product promotion, and marketing is done online. And while the potential for high earnings is there, substantial travel, and long hours, including evenings and weekends, are common.

An Online college Degree Program in advertising, marketing, or public relations, can open a world of opportunities for individuals looking to enter this creative and innovative field. Relevant coursework might also include classes in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods and technology, visual arts, art history, and photography. Many management positions in the advertising field will require at least a bachelor's degree in advertising or journalism. Graduates of accredited distance learning programs find a variety of career options available from entry level positions as account managers to executive level management opportunities in large advertising firms.

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