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Recession Proof Career Choices

By M.J. Joachim,
Staff Writer

A volatile economy has taught us that job security can be paramount.

Several industries provide unique opportunities for career security during a recession. Required skills and education vary. However, everything from entry-level jobs to executive positions are available. Many careers are trending toward significant job growth in the coming years.

1. Semiconductor industry: The semiconductor industry designs and creates computer chips and electronic devices for technology. According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), "In 2010, worldwide semiconductor sales grew 32 percent to $298 billion over 2009, with the U.S. share of the worldwide market at 48 percent." Technological advancements have made it imperative to rely on the semiconductor industry for business and personal activities.

2. Waste management: As long as people produce garbage, waste management professionals will reap the rewards of steady employment. Careers in Gear indicates that waste management positions will increase faster than the national average through 2018. As the population increases, and metropolitan areas expand to accommodate it, waste management positions will be in demand.

3. Health-related jobs: According to a news release provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ambulatory services and other health-care-related careers have increased by tens of thousands of jobs since 2010. Health-related jobs are usually in demand, because people will always get sick and need assistance.

4. Elected office: Elected officials spend a lot of money and time campaigning to earn their seats in government, thereby securing jobs in a political career. If someone is lucky enough to be voted into office, he is likely to remain there until the next election, and quite possibly through numerous re-elections. If he is involved in a scandal or misappropriation, the process to remove him from office is long and intense. Most citizens opt for a different option, preventing re-election in the future.

5. Public safety: Citizen safety is a top priority in communities. As such, public-safety careers tend to remain steady or grow during a recession. The National Safety Council states, "Findings from the Safety and Health magazine's annual job outlook survey, conducted in March, indicates many environmental health and safety professionals remain optimistic about the occupation."

6. Mortuary science: When people die, families depend on a variety of services, including those provided by grief counselors, morticians and funeral directors, and many others related to respectfully remembering deceased loved ones. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates steady job growth in careers related to mortuary science: "Projected job growth reflects growth in the death-care services industry overall due to the aging of the population."

7. Financial industry: The outlook for careers in the financial industry looks promising for several reasons. Dona DeZube, a finance careers expert, says financial specialists are needed in numerous fields including auditing, accounting, mortgage loan services, and financial analysts, to name a few. New government regulations, the current housing market and employment insecurity each contribute to a strong demand for professionals in the financial industry.

8. Private business owner: Private business owners have many options to remaining recession-proof. They can generate income in creative ways, utilizing their skills and capitalizing on the tools at their disposal. They also can reduce overhead, opting to tackle many tasks themselves. Using the Internet, they can generate buzz about their business in a variety of ways, allowing them to be the master of their destiny. They have the opportunity to grow their business, regardless of the overall state of the economy.

Last edited: October 31, 2011, 5:52 pm EST
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