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5 High Paying Careers Choices

By M.J. Joachim,
Staff Writer

Higher education dramatically increases your earnings power, but it's important to choose a high paying field as well.

Depending on the industry, there are several classifications of top-paying jobs to choose from when entering the workforce. Many experts agree that higher education increases the potential for earning higher wages. It also increases one's likelihood of staying employed when lay-offs occur.

Lawyers . Lawyers can earn well over $100,000 annually for their services, particularly if they oversee the legalities of a company or corporation. Lawyers who start their own firms or pursue private practice will need to build their clientele and reputation. But even in the early stages of this process, their earnings tend to be relatively high.

Management consultants . Management consultants usually earn a base salary, plus commission, a bonus and profit sharing. When these items are totaled together, management consultants' beginning wages are above $50,000 right out of college. As they advance in their careers, their salaries steadily increase.

Doctors . Physicians and surgeons are the highest-paid among doctors. Dentists and orthodontists can have similarly high wages. According to Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., "Physicians and surgeons, as well as pharmacists, have the largest employment and are slated to grow by nearly 30,000 jobs. Each health-related occupation on the list is slated to grow." At nearly $86 per hour, oral and maxillofacial surgeons have the highest wages.

Technology and IT services . According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Industries with the highest all-occupations mean wages (include) computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing, software publishers and several financial services industries. These industries tended to have high employment concentrations of occupations with above-average wages." The semiconductor industry continues to grow in today's technological age. Salaries in various related fields pay more than $100,000 to entry-level employees.

Aviation . Several careers related to aviation provide opportunities to earn a top-paying wage. Jobs in the aviation industry include business development, executives, pilots and government jobs, all of which can average more than $100,000 annually. However, numerous other careers in aviation, like engineering, aerospace and avionics, provide the potential for employees to earn salaries in that range.

Nearly all resources indicate that health-care jobs pay well and continue to be plentiful. According to most reports and data collected relating to the job outlook, medical professionals and aviation careers have strong indicators for job growth. Business careers in law and finance also look promising. Most jobs in these fields require some sort of higher education or training, and most pay more than $100,000 annually.

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