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Visual Communication Degree Programs

Earn a Visual Communication degree from an accredited school

Most employers agree that possessing good communication skills is essential to succeeding in just about any career. The field of Visual Communications covers a wide range of media outlets for students to explore including signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, and mass media such as television broadcasting.

Basic skills and knowledge are gained through courses like:

  • composition and style
  • color
  • textures
  • manipulation of images
  • photo re-touching
  • typography design

Students may also receive specialized training through chosen electives like: JavaScript, Digital Media Delivery, and Flash. Degree programs with a focus on Information Technology may also offer knowledge of programming languages and scripts like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

After graduation students holding a degree in visual communication will have access to a number of career paths. Undergraduate degrees provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to land many entry-level positions in the advertising field. Available jobs may include Commercial/Advertising Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Creative Services Director, Art Director, Communication Designer, Commercial Artist.

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