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Social media Degree Programs

Earn a Social media degree from an accredited school

Businesses around the world are recognizing the power of social media and using the Internet to spread the word about their products and services through sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, and YouTube. This new way of connecting with customers has created a need for qualified individuals with a solid understanding of fundamental marketing techniques along with a strong aptitude for technology.

For individuals looking to advance their careers in the tech industry, a degree in Social Media Management may be the key to success. An Associate Degree in Social Media can help get you up to date on new social media tools, best practices and how organizations and companies are using them. Typical coursework includes topics like:

  • Tracking Codes
  • Tagging
  • Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Email Platforms with Social Integration

Potential IT students also have the option to take classes online or on campus at a college or university in their area. In today's competitive job market, any advantage that you can create will help you stand out. Knowing how to successfully leverage social media can allow you to work in a number of industries around the world.

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