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Religious Studies Degree Programs

Earn a Religious Studies degree from an accredited school

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Religious Studies can train students for leadership roles within churches and temples, or serve as preparation for those looking to attend seminary or otherwise pursue a degree in theology or divinity. Religious Studies graduates also go on to work in disciplines as varied as education, medicine, business, and law. Qualified individuals may find jobs in areas like:

  • Religious systems management
  • Counseling & social work
  • Life ministries
  • Education
  • Non-profit organizations & government work
  • Publishing
  • Museums & the arts
  • Business marketing & management

Whether you want to take classes online or on campus, a college degree in religious studies is an investment in your future. Browse programs below to search available degrees and request more information for details on admission policies, program and course offerings, financial aid, and more.

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