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Public Administration (General) Degree Programs

Earn a Public Administration (General) degree from an accredited school

Woodrow Wilson, often called the father of public administration, first formally recognized the field in an 1887 article entitled "The Study of Administration." He wrote that the purpose of administrative study, is first to discover what government can "properly and successfully do", and then, how it can accomplish such goals with maximum efficiency.

The field of Public Administration is diverse in scope, covering a variety of sub-fields including human resources, organizational theory, policy analysis and statistics, budgeting, and ethics. Earn a Degree in Public Administration to study the implementation and management of government policy and prepare for a career as a civil servant. A Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration may be sufficient for some entry-level jobs in local, state and federal government agencies, as well as jobs in the private sector or non-profit organizations. However, most jobs in public administration jobs require at least a Master's Degree.

Whether you want to take classes online or on campus, a college degree in public administration is an investment in your future. Gaining valuable knowledge in areas like government process, policy, procedure, and the law can promote success in a variety of fields. Browse programs below to search available degrees and request more information for details on admission policies, program and course offerings, financial aid, and more.

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