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Finance Degree Programs

Earn a Finance degree from an accredited school

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs help prepare students to work in the professional field of finance. Students explore subjects like personal finance, economics, investments, tax systems, and entrepreneurial finance. Individuals can gain insight on how to appropriately track and interpret economic situations and their affect on investments and financial decisions.

The time required to earn a degree in finance depends on the level of degree being pursued, and the pace of the student. Certificate and diploma programs in finance may be completed in as little as 6 months to 1 year, though 2-year associate degrees and 4-year bachelor's degrees are also common degree choices for prospective students. For students looking for graduate level degree programs, Master's degrees in finance are available, as well as doctoral programs for those looking to earn a PhD in finance.

Careers in Finance

While an associate degree in finance may lead to an entry-level position at a bank or an accounting firm, a bachelor degree is often a requirement for many jobs in the finance field. Additionally, earning a master's degree or MBA in finance often leads to the best employment opportunities. Graduates holding a degree in finance may seek employment in a variety of areas like:

  • Financial Assistant
  • Associate Accountant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Mortgage Sales Associate
  • Stock Broker
  • Tax Professional
  • Corporate Budget Planner

Whether you're interested in helping individuals manage their money as a personal financial advisor, or looking to become an expert in the complex paperwork that comes with handling corporate finances as a financial manager, finding the right finance degree program is a great place to start. Discover what it takes to become a Finance Professional. Explore online and campus based degree programs to find the finance school that best meets your needs.

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