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Film Video & Photographic Arts Degree Programs

Earn a Film Video & Photographic Arts degree from an accredited school

Many community colleges, trade schools, colleges & universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees for students looking to learn more about film, video and photography. It is important for those interested in a career in the film or photo industries to have strong computer skills and working knowledge of digital cameras and similar technology. Courses are offered in camera operation, and editing software cover equipment, processes, and techniques. Bachelor's degree programs, especially those including business classes, provide a well-rounded education. Many film schools also provide training on the creative aspects of filmmaking.

Graduates of photography and film degree programs may find jobs at independent television stations, local affiliate stations of television networks or broadcast groups, large cable and television networks, or smaller, independent production companies. There are also many self employed photographers and film editors. Some self-employed camera operators contract with television networks, documentary or independent filmmakers, advertising agencies, or trade show sponsors for work on a project-by project basis. Skilled individuals may find salaried positions working in the motion picture industry, though these jobs are often highly competitive.

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Advance your career with the right degree.

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