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What is a diploma program?

The more you know the better chance you have to succeed in today's competitive workplace. Whether you're looking to enhance your resume through additional education or complete a continuing education course to fulfill the requirements of your current position, diploma programs offer great learning opportunities. Getting your diploma sends the message to potential and current employers that you are a dedicated professional, and that you posses the skills and knowledge necessary to get the job done right. Diploma programs are available in a variety of industries including General Education, Business, Healthcare, and Technology, along with numerous trade school programs. Whether you're looking to get a better job or stay up to date in your current field, certificate and diploma programs are a great way to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed.

What types of diplomas are available?

There are various types of diploma programs available to potential students. Programs may offer credit and non-credit courses as well as professional certifications. Choosing the one that's right for you will depend on what your goals are. For adults looking to get their high school diploma, they can do so by passing a General Education Development Test (GED). A number of community and junior colleges offer adult education classes structured to help students pass the GED. There are also Continuing Education Programs. Continuing education is often a requirement for certified professionals in industries like healthcare, education, and technology. These courses are designed for individuals that currently work in their field of interest and need to update their professional knowledge to include the latest field developments and technology.

Keep in mind, the difference between diploma programs and certificate programs can be muddled depending on which institution you're looking into. Some schools refer to their certificate programs as "diploma" programs so the difference is in name only. Before you enroll in a diploma program to advance your career, you may want to contact a potential employer and ask them if a certain college course fulfills their job requirements.

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