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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, college graduates earn more money, experience less unemployment, and have a wider variety of career options, than non-graduates. And between 2002 and 2012, more than 14 million job openings are projected to be filled by workers who have a bachelor's or graduate degree and who are entering an occupation for the first time. By enrolling in a college prep or general diploma program online, you can graduate with your high school diploma in as little as six months with transfer credit from your previous high school. Once you've received your diploma, you can start on the path to earning a college degree and finding career success.

When deciding whether or not an online diploma is the right choice for you, there are many things to consider. Individuals should determine how much time they will have to dedicate to completing their coursework. Many students of online courses take classes part-time while continuing to work. This, along with whether or not you have transferrable credits, may determine how long it will take to complete your high school diploma.

Whether you want to take classes online or on campus, a high school diploma is an investment in your future. Earning a certificate online can help you gain valuable skills and knowledge to help you advance your current career or get started on a new rewarding career path. Select an option from the list below to search available online diploma programs and request more information for details on admission policies, program and course offerings, financial aid, and more.

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