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Animation Degree Programs

Earn a Animation degree from an accredited school

If you've ever seen a child's eyes light up as they see their favorite characters come to life on screen, you know the power of animation. But the field of animation is much more than cartoons these days. The film, television, gaming, advertisement and entertainment industries are quickly expanding, creating a multitude of job opportunities for skilled animators. Jobs in animation call for skilled artists with creative minds. You can earn an animation degree online or at a campus near you and learn the technical and creative skills needed to succeed in this exciting industry. Students pursuing an Associates or Bachelors degree in animation learn from talented instructors, many of whom are currently working as animators.

A good animation program will include courses that cover a combination of traditional art and animation techniques, including life drawing, shading and lighting, and sculpting 3D characters. Students will also study the principles of physics, anatomy, and color theory, which will be applied in computer animation courses as they create digital characters, objects, and environments. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in animation also include courses in:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Computer Animation
  • Traditional Animation
  • Character Development
  • Cinematography
  • Digital Effects
  • Layout Design
  • Figurative Concepts
  • Visual Elements of Story
  • Principles & Pipelines
  • Texture Creation

In addition to learning classic techniques, the best animation degree programs offer students the opportunity to use the same cutting-edge software as top animation studios. Individuals will have working knowledge of software programs like: Maya, Z-Brush, Renderman, Render Farm and Compositing. This type of practical experience prepares graduates for success as a professional in the animation industry.

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Advance your career with the right degree.

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